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Do you want more creepers in your Minecraft worlds?

Well, this is the addon for you!

With more creepers, comes more fun! You’ll have loads of new encounters to enjoy


This addon adds (currently) 6 new creepers to Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

The creepers are designed to fit with current vanilla gameplay, so they’re not too op, and not too weak.

Make sure to check out this introduction video for extra information & a full showcase of the addon :

The Creepers

The baby creeper

Baby creepers spawn like passive animals, except they’re very rare, so it’ll be a challenge to get one as your pet
You can tame baby creepers using gunpowder

Camo Creepers

Camo creepers spawn in the same places as regular creepers, but are slightly rarer (And harder to spot!)
They run faster than normal creepers, but have slightly less health. Explosion size is the same.
They also camouflage depending on the block they’re standing on (only on a set few blocks – 15 blocks in total)

Nether Creepers

Nether creepers spawn in, well, the nether. They have slightly more hp than normal creepers, and have the same explosion radius as normal creepers… but their explosions cause fire… They also drop gunpowder & blaze powder

Ender Creepers

Ender creepers spawn in the end (& in the overworld rarely)
They love to teleport around… it was so hard to get this screenshot
They run quite fast, and have 28 hp, so you better watch out!

Fast Creepers

As the name suggests, fast creepers are fast. They also explode faster than regular creepers… Although they look charged, they have the same explosion radius as normal creepers. They spawn very rarely in the overworld.


This is a crig, don’t ask questions.

copying this addon and redistribution is prohibited.
You are permitted to use my code as a learning resource,
but any form of copying is not allowed.

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Just download and open the .mcaddon file :)