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Whenever you play Minecraft, do you feel like some of the textures just needed tweaking to make the experience better? This “Improved Default Textures” pack was created to make many of those textures better!

This is NOT AT ALL a complete texture over hall. This pack is used to make many block textures just that much better in order to improve builds and the overall experience!

One of the main purposes for created this pack was to remove the thick borders on the “smooth” or “polished” blocks. Other blocks like lapis, iron, GLASS, shroomlights, prismarine bricks, and redstone, have also had their borders removed too!

Even grass like blocks have had their textures updated too, where all 4 sides of the block look similar to the top (like optifine). (Unfortunately, do to grass textures being fully coded in, altering these textures will have to come in later)

There are also a few more altered block textures as well that have not been covered. Not only that, but many items have had their textures altered, and currently a few entities. The end sky has also been given a nice starry background to replace the old background.

Note: This texture was made on and for Windows 10 PC edition, but it should work on other platforms (not tested). Also, feel free to give feedback on certain texture changes, texture ideas, and improvements!