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MC: Ikelos Roadkit
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Ikelos Roadkit provides a standardized set of road blocks, replacing all 16 glazed terracotta. The blocks are modeled to work seamlessly with black concrete. Included is a example world showing some ways to use Roadkit, but as always, you have complete freedom with how you use the blocks. 

List of blocks:

White Line:

Yellow Line:

White Curve:

Yellow Curve:

White Lateral (Left and Right:

Yellow Lateral (Left and Right):

Yellow 3 Way Intersection:

Yellow 4 Way Intersection:

Forward arrow:

Left Arrow:

Right Arrow:

Both Ways No attachment:

Both Ways With attachment:

Combined left and right with attachment:

Ingame Examples: 


Use installation guides for your platform if unfamiliar with how to install texture packs. 

Put at the top of load order if any other packs have glazed terracotta textures.