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MC: FS Treasure Hunt [Minigame]
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This map is based on Treasure Hunt Simulator which is a map originally made for Roblox. Your objective is to dig for buried treasures which you can then trade for tool upgrades and other miscellaneous items. You can either play this map alone by yourself, or together with friends. The map is fully automatic with command blocks and there’s also a resource pack.

Creators: HAVOC INS4NITYYouTube Channel (Creator) (YouTube), AlmightyOldGreg (Co-Creator) (YouTube)

How to play?

Once everyone have joined and you’re ready to start the treasure hunt then go to the glowing Shulker Box on the side of the map. Take the materials from the box.

  • Bucket – Digging tool
  • Firework – Teleports you out of the digsite
  • Book – Tutorial

After you’ve found some sand and gold you can sell it to the villagers found in the huts. Use sand to get gold and use your gold to upgrade your tools and buy extra items.