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MC: Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria Simulator (Beta 1)
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Freddy fazbears pizzeria simulator is a game about setting up your very own Freddy fazbear’s pizzeria establishment and surviving your first week at your new job but… your not alone while you work. Old, rotten animatronics lurk in the vents and rooms in your establishment. (not included in the map yet). Try your best to survive your first week at your successful company. Good luck!

[Freddy Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to items, injuries and death.]

if you make a video on this map please credit me for the map and dany for the addon. yes this map will get updates each time dany releases each beta of the ffps addon.

proof of approval from dany

also you can mess with this map you know make a town out of this, mess with the pizzeria, etc just dont post the updated version you made to mcpedl!

images of the map

entrance you can come sit down and wait here

arcade games are you bored of eating pizza? well luckily for you we have arcade games!

candy cadet are you hungry for candy? well all you need is a fazcoin or 2 and youll have your candy in no time!

balloon barrel come get your balloons here!

stages and of course we have fun entertainment!

the office now while customers are having fun in the main room you get a job to keep you non bored!

i hope you enjoy the map! i put alot of effort into this map for you guys!


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