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MC: Fishy’s Marvellous Vanilla Pack
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Oh I get it, You’ve played Ms Fishy’s Wonderful Shaders, you’ve dabbled in SuprecuraCraft but you want something new but simple and sticking to Minecraft’s default style… Well boy(or girl) do I have the resource pack for you! Introducing Fishy’s Marvellous Vanilla Pack, this pack is one of many more vanilla remake packs coming from the Odd Fishy Studios!

This pack includes:

-Animated textures(such as waving grass, torches and leaves)

-Colormaps that go beyond the regular monitor colour range so people with hdr displays can experience Minecraft vegetation like nothing before(you can still see the new colours if just not the full colour range if you have a regular display)

-Smoother and clearer water

-Full spectrum enchantment glint

-Glowing MC logo

-Full grass and grass path sides

-Better end portal colours and dimensional depth

-Better end sky

-Edge highlighting on most particles

-Different brightness in clouds

-Sun that glows

-Better rain

-Foggy moon with a more realistic colour(unlike the regular blueish moon)

-Smoother paintings

-Better biome colouring and sunset and sunrise

-and many more to come

These are just a couple screenshots of what is in this marvellous pack

Note: There is many more features to come and feel free to request something

Teaser: 64x version coming soon

Some content in images is unreleased future stuff(such as the featured image)