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MC: Fazbear’s Entertainment: Jr’s Pizzarea Grand Re-Opening
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You are in theperscpective of Michle Afton but at the age of 16. You Desperately Need Money so you alply for the job of Jr’s Pizzarea. Your Job is to Watch over the pizzarea from 12am to 6am. I hope nothing goes wrong regaurding Break-ins, theft, Anamatronic Tamporing, Vandalizing and ect. What could go wrong

Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person.

Gameplay Screenshots

Game Info
This game is a Five Nights at Freedy’s 2 Free Roam game but not really. every Night will be diffrent. like Diffrent Objectives and everything. But this is a one night demo. You will be Given a Flashlight throughout some nights. but i want to warn you, your flashlight Goes out every now and then but it dose come back on. In this demo may have a few bugs in it. so just let me now down in the commets. The full game will end up with 6 nights and a custome night 
Future Updates 
  • Nights 2-6 
  • Bug Fixes 
  • Extra’s Menu 
  • New Minigames 
  • Animatronic Skins 
  • Multiplayer 


Texture Pack Belongs To: Pedrinho1799 

I have Also Adedd some cusotme Textures as well


Story/Game Info

You will Have to spend 5 Nights in the pizzarea. However you Find out that not everyting is what it seems. The animatronics begin to move around. You must stay alive in order to pass the night. How ever if you cant do that then there will be a resault of death. You will be givin a flashlight to Help you navigate your way around. However your flashlight will sometimes Do a auto reset for overheating and it will take 30 seconds for it to recharge. therefor leaving u at a disadvantige where you will be surrounded by darkness untill your flashlight recharges. If you win you will progress to the next night. however if you loose. you will have to restart the night all over again. Beating the game of course will resaut to you unlocking the extras menu. The extras Menu will give you a Animatronic museume, Custome night, Minigame select, Buy Skins, and hard mode.(Will be released in the full version)