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This addon adds 36 different crafting recipes for blocks and items that are previously not obtainable by crafting. Want to craft horse armor, a trident or even a nether star? This addon adds these recipes. [BETA]

Since this is still a beta addon, some crafting recipes might be changed from the full version of the addon.

Bee Nest:


Brown/Red Mushrooms:

  • 4 brown/red mushrooms will create a full block. The recipe can be also reverted.

All Chain Armor:

  • Every chain type armor is craftable, just create the right formation of the recipe.


Creeper Head (NEW!)

Crimson/Warped Nylium:

  • Replace crimson roots with warped roots if you wanted warped nylium

Crying Obsidian (Changed):

Dead Bush:

Dirt (NEW!):

Elytra (Changed):

Enchanted Apple:

Ender Pearl:

Grass Block:

Diamond/Gold/Iron Horse Armor:

  • Note: Replace the diamond with gold if you wanted golden horse armor, or iron if you wanted iron horse armor

Ice (NEW!)

Name Tag:

Nautilus Shell

Nether Star (Changed):

Nether Wart (NEW!)

Packed Ice: (NEW!)

Podzol (NEW!):


All Saplings:

  • Note: Replace oak leaves with any leaves, it will craft the corresponding sapling.

Shroomlight (NEW!):

Skeleton Skull (NEW!)

Soul Sand:



) Stick recipe:

Totem Of Undying:

Trident (changed):

Twisting/Weeping vines (NEW!)

  • Replace warped roots with crimson roots for weeping vines.

Wither Skeleton Skull (NEW!)

Zombie Head (NEW!)

Bonus Features:

Anvil can be repaired with both slightly and very damaged anvil:

Disclaimer: You aren’t allowed to reupload it in your app or website without permission!

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