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This is a simple concept addon that adds more witches to Minecraft bedrock. Each of them has different abilities and located in different biomes Probably making your survival much more harder.

Air Witch

They are witch wich can  burst shoot 8 shulker bullets that can levitate its target up They have 30 health and they are naturally located in hills,mountains and extreme hills with spawn weight of 8 in any light level
They will drop gold nuggets,feather and golden apple upon death
Fire Witch

They are located in the nether Most likely in wasteland biome in spawn weight of 10 They have 50 health and immune in fire they can  also burst shoots 10 small fireballs fireballs and can sometimes spawn 3 to 4 blazes but if you have a fire resistance potion taking them down is no problem They will drop blaze rods and powders and gold ingots upon death
Wither Witch

 They are witch that are corrupted by the wither but manage to survive
They are also located in the nether with a spawn weight of 15 They are also immune in fire and have 26 health They can damage thier target by throwing a wither potion and can sometimes summon 3 to 4 wither skeletons They will drop coals and bones upon death
Ender Witch

They are witch that are corrupted by experimenting some ender items like chorus fruits or ender pearls
They are located in the end  in spawn wight of 10 They have 26 health and and seens they are ender mobs they have ability to teleport but they are immune in water
They can shoot dragon fireballs or dragon acid breath at its target They will drop ender pearls and bottle of dragon breath upon death
The Forest Witch

They are located on taiga, jungle and forest biomes in spawn weight of 10 in any light level They can poison thier target and can sometimes summon 8 to 10 magets

Dark Witch

They are will spawn on any biomes in the overworld in night time with spawn wight of 8  They have 30 health They can blind thier targets in a couple of seconds They can also summon phantoms and zombies and they have ability to teleport Also ones a normal witch was struck by lightning it will turn into a dark witch

Evoker Witch

They are witch that learns how to use the evokers magic and been corrupted and became a illager as a result They are located in roofed forest we’re the woodland mansion is located in any light level They have 30 health They can summon vexes and can blind thier targets for a couple of seconds  oh and seens they are half illager they will attack villagers They will drop emeralds,totem of undying and gold ingots upon death

Storm Witch (mini boss)

They are very rare They are only located in ice plains or ice spikes biomes with a spawn wight of only 1 in any light level They have 170 health They can shoot and summon storms of lightning bolts at its target They can blind its target and has ability to teleport They will drop netherite scraps diamonds and crying obsidian upon death

Oh did i also mentioned that some of the elemental witches in this addon can spawn in pillage raids


I allow you to showcase this addon and share it to any applications or websites Just make sure to put safe links on it 

I also allow you to use this addons in your maps or modpacks just make sure to give me credits

If you see any bugs or have any suggestions fell free to coment it down below 🙂

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How to install

*Download the mcaddon file down below

*Import the resource and behavior packs

*Activate Experimental Gameplay

*Import the resource and behavior of the addon in any word you want to play it