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MC: Diagonal Sun and Moon
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This pack will change the angle of the sun and moon in the sky by 45degrees to make it look better and cool!
Enjoy the pack and check out my other stuff!


-This pack has the changed texture for both the sun and all 8 moon_phases to look like they are tilted to 45degrees which looks cooler than the plane Sun and Moon we have!

It will have the sunrise/set/noon and Night and Midnight in all this will be tilted the pack is simple to add and easy to understand by watching the following images!

The Sun-

The Moon-

-This can be used both world specific and in global resources!


  • Do not reupload or republish this pack!
  • Any bug reports can be given in the comments below or at my discord its “RJ#8144”
  • If you share this share the MCPEDL link, not ur own link or the direct link!
  • You can use it freely if without claiming it yours!
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-If it asks to add a browser extension do it and then remove the extension once the pack is downloaded.