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This addon is about powerful Orcs and knights, but for now, its about four orcs cause its the first version of this addonAs it progresses it will be completed, it will have structures, bosses, new items, armor and others, I hope you enjoy it, and have good fights

PS: they are not generated naturally yet, this version is simply to report bugs and tests

Reinforced Ogre, the most powerful Monster from this version he have more than four attacks with epic animations and combos and sprint

This is the Normal Ogre, this Ogre have 5 attacks and have good animations too, this is not powerful like reinforced Ogre but is not weak, can beat an iron golem and can throw little Ogres

This is the little Ogre, he is the weakest of the ogres, but that does not mean that he is weak, remember that ogres have superhuman strength, this ogre I did it in a funny way, he throws gases and has some funny animations, escape from the monsters but not from the player, this Ogre is in a group and its attack system is to surround you and attack you making it unpredictable

This is the reinforced Little Ogre It is a little stronger and more resistant than the Little Ogre and it is somewhat problematic since it does not surround you to attack, it directly attacks you and is not as weak as it seems, your bucket on the head makes it a little slower than the little normal ogre and his stick makes him do a little more damage, he is not afraid of monsters and dares to face them

Big ogres have a small chance of dropping their heads, these are physical, they can be climbed on top of them. Its functionality is to scare the ogres, the head of the normal ogre scares the small ogres and the normal large ogre, but not the reinforced ogre. The head of the reinforced ogre scares away all the ogres including the reinforced ogre, this allows the reinforced ogre to approach your home and destroy everything, it literally destroys construction materials in its path, careful


The download options include the addon in a .zip file which must be moved manually for installation and in a .mcaddon file that should only be opened for an automatic installation