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MC: Cuter Vanilla Bees v1.0.0
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If you dislike the Vanilla Minecraft bee model/texture as much as I do, you might enjoy my resource pack! This resource pack adds a new model and texture for the bees– which will function as normal.

With this pack you are still able to breed, hunt, and collect honey from the bees! This is a resource pack which will not disable Xbox achievements as there is no behavior which is required. If you don’t like my version of the bees, that is ok you can simply remove the resource pack from your world and things should be fine. I hope that you enjoy the pack!

– Changes –

  • Modeled and textured after real honeybees/bumblebees
  • Smaller, more realistic/accurate bee size
  • Added stinger and mandibles only visible when the bee is angry
  • Baby bees are tiny but still visible

If there’s any model you don’t like, feel free to search my name to download each animal separately

Please do not change, copy, claim as your own, or redistribute without my permission. If you link to my addon for a review or info, please link to this page.

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Here's a short video showing how to download and install on Bedrock - Windows 10

Video showcasing the "Cuter Vanilla Creatures" packs