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MC: ColDog5044’s Redstone World
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Welcome to ColDog5044’s Restone World. This map is undergoing new changes weekly and will be updated ASAP. There are multiple Redstone contraptions and circuits featured, and they are all simple for beginners. These contraptions and circuits should be known by everyone that wants to start making Redstone by themselves.

Here’s a list of all of the contraptions,

  1. Hidden Flush Piston Door
  2. Hidden Flush Crafting Table/Chest/etc.
  3. Toggleable Fireplace
  4. Shulker Box Swapper
  5. T-Flip Flops
  6. Redstone Item Frame Lock
  7. Adventure Map Basics
  8. Automatic Sugarcane Farm
  9. 2×2 Piston Door
  10. Instant Full Armor/Weapon Loadout


Click 'Download at' then open the file.