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Minecraft Cake Defense!

Here’s a early version of a Remastered Cake defense by FvDisco in Bedrock Edition!

In this re-imaging of FvDisco’s Cake defense you’ll have to defend your cake from Herobrine and his Minions in 10 levels of Increasing difficulty!


  • Full color screen 
  • No addons/Plugins Required!
  • 1-2 Players.
  • 7 Mob types.
  • Attack, Defense and Agility upgrades.
  • Hundreds of Command blocks!
  • 10 levels of Increasing difficulty
  • Cake!

Features to come: 

  • More Waves 
  • More mob types
  • Scoreboard
  • Improved Shop & Gold
  • Improved Spawning
  • Increased mob difficulty [Mob Levels]