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This is a clean pvp pack that can be used on all bedrock devices.

The pack has most of the vanilla block textures kept the same cause I liked them I changed the pvp related textures such as armour, swords and rods etc

The goal of this resource pack is for everyone to have the best pvp experience while playing. This is mainly for people who love playing games like Bed Wars, Sky Wars, Duels, and anything similar. However, this pack can shine in other areas of gameplay too, try it out and you’ll be sure to like it. The pack updates the armour, swords, food, and some blocks used in game modes such as the bridge. I made this pack to share with my friends and guildmates and I wanted to share it to other people hoping it’s worthy of their time.

Here is a video of the pack in use


Swords and ItemsToolsFoodOres and Caves

Possible future updates:

  • Changes to the UI such as dark mode or clear ui
  • Changes to the particle design
  • More stylized block textures
  • Sound effects
  • xp bar
  • and more