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MC: Vibrant Resource Pack (Shaderless Shader, Render Dragon Supported)
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Minecraft is a truly beautiful game, but it can be improved. This resource pack doesn’t completely change the textures, but instead builds upon it. It’s features block variants, clearer water and better foliage and much more.

This pack stays close to the normal vanilla style. Some people like to refer to these types of packs as shaderless shaders, since they add a lot of things commonly seen in shaders, but without any shader code. This means that this pack works on all platforms including those with the Render Dragon like Win10 and Xbox.

Features include:

Spiders will actually now climb walls properly

More Vibrant Ocean Shades

Improved Colour Tones of grass and other foliage

Water you can actually see through

Better Enchanted Glint

Block Variations for Bookshelves

Fluffy Clouds