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MC: BEGONE GRAVITY [Anti-Gravity Addon]
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Don’t you just HATE gravity, wish that it never existed, well now you can. This addon allows you to live without gravity and see everyone use there pathetic gravity. Lets see how you deal with anti gravity compare to those losers.

This addon is a vary simple addon that changes the gravity of players from true to false. With this addon. With this addon you are not bale to move with up and down with regular means.

With the addon you could move in any direction but up and down and had to find other ways to move up and down.


As shown in the image above, you can use the many things to move up and down, but some mot only move you you up or only down, or both. There are more things that can move you up and down, but I don’t want to tell you, its more fun to figure it out.


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