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MC: Bandits! v1.0
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Bandits! A new addon that adds 11 new humanoid mobs to the game to give it a more realistic feel. Also includes a new iron golem skin, zombie skin, and a more humanoid pillager. 

This is my first add-on that I made for personal use but thought you guys would enioy as well. It adds 11 new mobs to the game. 10 are a gang of humanoid bandits that will naturally spawn during the daytime. They will randomly spawn with either an iron sword, a bow, or a crossbow. Another new mob is the Mage. A master of the magical arts who will shoot destructive magic at the player. This mob is also a little difficult to kill as he will also teleport. All of these can be spawned with eggs. As a bonus it also adds a new skin and model for the iron golem, pillagers, and zombie. Pillagers are now more humanoid. My ultimate goal for the future of this addon is to make all mobs more humanoid and realistic, moving away from the strange appearance of the villagers and illagers. I recommend using this addon with the Fake Players addon and the Happy Villagers addon for the best experience. If you would like to help me with this goal please let me know with a comment below! Thank you and I hope you enjoy. (Direct link because Minecraft is about creating, sharing, and having fun. Not profit.)


Might work with older versions at min 1.13.0 but haven't tested it. Made with 1.16.0. 

The file is a mcaddon so just simply download the file click on it (open with Minecraft) and it will automatically install!