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MC: Back To Where It All Started (Minecraft Map)
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Do you remember playing classic minecraft when your a kid?

Well this map is for you

This map will make you feel nostalgic

Also works in multiplayer

Only works in 1.16.100 or above

Back to where it all started is a minecraft map that will give you nostalgia

its just like a first version of minecraft but its remaked into minecraft bedrock map

Currently it has 2 blocks in the map, just like the first version of minecraft,

this includes cobblestone and grass ( 6 sided )

Here is some nostalgic video :

Screenshots :

Image 1 :

Image 2 :

Image 3 :

If you want to use this map in your video :

1. Do not post the direct link, use an mcpedl link

2. Credit me by putting the link of my youtube channel

For best nostalgic experience:

-Set your render distance to full (not if you have low-end devices)

-Turn off smooth lighning

-Turn off fancy graphics

-Turn off view bobbing

Planned ideas to this map:

– add steves

– stone terrain

– easter eggs (maybe)


1. Download the map

2. Click on .mcworld map

3. Enjoy your childhood