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MC: Amethyst Addon (Beta)
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This addon add amethyst in the mountains and this also adds a new type of set of tools but no armor yet because I’m working on it and follow me on twitter @razorwolf19 and @razorwolf21 and subscribe to my YouTube channel called razor Wolf 2 and follow me on twitch and my Twitch name is razor wolf 21

– Amethyst 

Here is the amethyst you can get by mining an amethyst ore block and you can also use it to repair or make tools but no armor yet still working on it.

– amethyst generation 1– Amethyst Generation 2

this is the generation of the amethyst as you can see it spawns very regularly in the mountains and in the stone and there very easy to spot in the mountains.

– sword– Axe– pickaxe

– shovel

these are the amethyst tools and you can craft them the same way as other tools and here you can also see that they have this glowing effect too also the damage of the amethyst axe and sword is 4 to 3 and the durability is 2561.

Here is the showcase video for you if you don’t understand the writing or anything but if you do look at the video subscribe to my YouTube channel Called Razor Wolf 2 and follow me On twitter @RazorWolf19 And @RazorWolf21 and follow me on twitch and the name for my twitch is Razor Wolf 21 or 22.

– Amethyst ore block

This is the amethyst ore block and it can only be found in mountains and it’s very easy to mine and it doesn’t animate yet but it will also it drops amethyst when broken.

– Amethyst Block

This is the amethyst block you can crafted by putting nine pieces of amethyst in a crafting table.