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MC: S.E.A. – Quest for Mr Squish [Adventure]
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This is a map which includes an underwater maze, parkour levels and boss battles. You’ve been brought against your will to S.E.A. which is a secret underwater lab owned by Mr. Squish who needs help finding his squid pet who has gone loose and possibly mad too.

Creator: KarsTimesTen



“Hello Steve! I know you are confused and don’t know where you are, but don’t worry, you are among friends! I kidnapped and brought you here to S.E.A. because I need your help urgently.”

“For the last couple of weeks I’ve done several experiements on my pets here at S.E.A. Unfortunately, my favorite pet Diuqs has gone missing. I did do something I didn’t intend to do and that was feeding her pufferpowders. Pufferpowders are poisonous which are used to kill intruders but my beloved bed obviously wasn’t the target.”

“She hasn’t been herself lately because of this and now she has gone missing. Ever since she has gone missing my otherise kind pets have turned into wild and evil beasts. I am a scientist and I love my work but I never intended to hurt the ones I love the most. I really need your help to stop them but please don’t kill them, I love them too much.”

“Steve, please help me save S.E.A. and my beloved pets!”


  • Never break/place blocks unless told so
  • Turn difficulty to normal
  • Don’t kill innocent pets
  • Set brightness to half