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MC: 7 Ways to Die in Minecraft
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This is a map where the aim is to die. You have to go multiple levels by finding different ways to die. Each level is different from the other. You have to think logically because some levels are harder than others and you have to try and figure out how to die. ENJOY!!😁😎

This is a 7 level map in Minecraft where the aim of the game is the complete opposite of the normal game. To move on to the next level you have to die.. This is a fun multiplayer game which you and your friends can play together and see who can die first. We hope you enjoy and have


To install the game you have to press the download link above. Then you have to go onto Minecraft and press play. After you have done that, a banner should appear at the top of the screen that says level import started the level import finished. Then you should see a world that says 'Try to die ( 7 levels .)'