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MC: 2500 Level Parkour
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Are you seeking for the hardest and longest parkour map? Do you want a real challenge ? Then….  welcome to 2500 level parkour which includes 2500 level of parkour and over 10,000 jumps with all kind jumps you can imagine … 

As I mentioned there are 2500 levels of parkour and over 10,000 jumps and all kind jumps  ( ice parkour, magma parkour, soul sand parkour , shulker parkour , effect parkour and so much more) you can imagine have been included to make it even harder and another experience for you all my dear frinds .


  • More than 50 Easter eggs
  • More than 60 secret paths 
  • Checkpoints in each level
  • Skip pearls 
  • All possible jumps 
  • Support multiplayer gaming 

Note: our map is lag friendly which means it won’t lag and  8 render distince is enough for the map to work properly .


  • If you guys found any bugs or have a feedback let me know in the comments 
  • If you guys beat the map and want to share your score (deaths) comment your username and your score (please)

And now I”ll be quite and let the pictures speak….


For Android devices:

  1. Download mcworld file
  2. Click on it and it will be installed automatically 
  3. Start the map and enjoy

  1. Download zip file
  2. Extract the 2500 level parkour map to:games>com.mojang>minecraft world's 
  3. Open minecraft start the map and enjoy