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MC: Zombie Apocalypse: Bow Edition [Minigame]
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Play this game to improve your archery skills. Equip yourself with a bow and arrow to kill zombies and gain points. You can then spend the points in a shop to purchase new items or upgrade existing ones. It’s a quite fun and intense game which gets exceedingly more difficult as you progress through the levels.

Creator: ElGatoAzul7w7

How to play?

To start the minigame you’ll need to find your way into a room titled “El Jugar” or something like that. Step on the pressure plate to start it and enter into the minigame.

There you will find a shop. Press the button to purchase a bow and some arrows. You’ll need XP points to purchase items, so make sure that you spend them wisely.

To gain points and progress in the minigame you will need to shoot the zombies at the archery range. For each kill you’ll gain some points which you can spend at the shop.