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Is normal survival not enough?This add-on should satisfy you!

This add-on adds various zombies, items and other mobs.

This add-on is designed for playing in survival mode, so it may not be very useful in creative mode. (May be useful in mob battles)


This add-on is in beta. Therefore, there are still many imperfections. It’s irregular, but we’ll update it so stay tuned for more!

Turn on the experimental mode.

The default zombie movement speed is around 0.2.

Next update information

I think the name is too simple, but I haven’t thought about the names of the mobs yet. We will decide the name in the next update.

I know there are already similar add-ons.

But this is not a copy of them, but a complete original. Therefore, please do not comment such as “I slammed Mr. XX’s add-on!” Or “You are a thief!”. And don’t believe these comments.

Main subject


HP 25
Moving Speed 0.3

It’s a little strong.

If you are not careful, it will be difficult to defeat.


Moving speed 0.5

It is a zombie that is stronger than Zombie 2 and extremely difficult to defeat.

The speed is so fast that it is almost impossible to escape.



Moving speed 1.0

It runs very fast! The damage is also great!

However, you can defeat it with your bare hands.


HP 20
Moving speed 0.3

This zombie uses teleport!

If you don’t attack, this guy won’t attack.

Like the Enderman, it will be damaged if it gets into the water.


Moving speed 0.6

Stronger than Zombie 5!

This zombie uses a lot of teleports in a short amount of time.

Like the Enderman, it will be damaged if it gets into the water.


Moving speed 0.3

Makes a hungry attack similar to a husk.

It’s not very strong, so I don’t think it’s hard to beat it.

Skeleton zombie


Moving speed 0.3

The skeleton has become a zombie.

He doesn’t use bows and arrows much and hits you.

Zombie Boss

Moving speed 0.2

He is the boss!

Spawn into a swamp biome.

We recommend fighting at a long distance.

Did you think that only enemies would be added?

No, allies will also be added.

Pillager friend


Moving speed 0.35

He actively fights hostile mobs.

He uses a crossbow.

Vindicator friend


Moving speed 0.35

It’s a little hostile.

If you find a player, it will attack you. Also, the same people will fight each other.

Give them raw beef and you can make friends.

If you are attacked or attack an enemy, they will fight with you.

New item!

This add-on also adds items. It makes it easier to defeat zombies and mobs.

First of all, assault rifle! You need to combine the parts to make it.

How to make parts

When completed, make it like this.

Power 1.6
damage 5.0

No ammunition required! Infinite ammunition!

It doesn’t knock back, but if you hit a lot of bullets, you can do a lot of damage.

Next we will make a very strong weapon! I use a lot of rare materials.

How to make

Power 8

Damage 1024

Any enemy can be killed in one shot!

Infinite ammunition!

Have you seen it somewhere? You shouldn’t worry about it …



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