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With this addon you will be able to save 30 levels of experience in a magical and rare book to find, there are only few in each world of Minecraft, since they are only found in the “Stronholds”, more specifically in the libraries.

CREATOR : TerraWorld6
DISCORD : TerraWorld6 
YOUTUBE : TerraWorld6


Mini guide about the addon:

1. They are found in the “Stronholds” more specifically in the bookstores with 30 levels inside. 
2. When filling the book, it will take away 30 levels of experience, but when you receive the experience, it will not give you 30 levels, if not (1395) experience points enough to go from level 0 to 30, but if you use the book with more levels (example) 30 will give you only “1395” Not 30 more levels. 

Experimental mode? 

Activate all the experimental modes of minecraft (1.16.201.)




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