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This addon was inspired by Alian Being’s series, Villager vs Pillager Life. I added here the main character in the series, the Villager with the powers of the evoker (And his name in the addon is Villoker) 

Everything that my addon adds to the game: 


Health Points- 95

Attacks- Evoker attacks (fang attacks and vexs), can summon iron golems

Speed- Villager speed

Can trade- yes

Can open doors- yes

Information about him: 

A villager with evoker powers that can control over life and death. In the series, he have displayed during his childhood, and he defeated the raid of the illagers’ leader on his village. And brings peace to the world. And later he even brought together the villagers and the illagers. 

His Trades: 

Villoker compared to standard villager: 

Other Mobs:

1. Friendly Pillagers: 

Pillagers that joined the villagers side, helping villoker save other villages from the illagers. (In the future they will have the option to use crossbow) 

2. Friendly Vindicators: 

Vindicators that joined the villagers side, helping villoker save other villages from the illagers. They use axes to attack

3. Vindo: 

The son of the evil doctor(scientist) and Villoker’s best friend. In the series, he created the vaccine for covid 19(coronavirus) and saved the village from death


Totem of Healing

Can heal any non-monster mob within 5 blocks radius from the user

Totem of Fangs: 

Creates the defensive attack of the evoker (fangs shield). Be careful when using it because you can accidentally hurt yourself while using the totem. 

Villoker features that have: 

Creating Totems: 

Can link to beds like villagers: 

Power over iron golems: 


You can use golden apple to heal them (Villoker & other friendly illagers) 


– You cannot use the code

– Do not publish it anywhere without my permission

Anyone who breaks these rules will be in trouble

Credit For: Alien Being and Villager BS

Alien Being: 

The Creator of villager vs Pillager Life

Their channel:

Villager BS: 

Creator of the addon (me) 

Special thanks to Ilosemypotato, who helped me make this amazing addon work for the rest of the minecraft bedrock versions (like Minecraft Win10) 


Click the link to download the addon

Important to know: 

This addon works for all editions of Minecraft Bedrock