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MC: Velajae & Libury’s Pack of Destiny
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Warning, this addon meanwhile only works for minecraft pe (the phone version of minecraft bedrock), This addon won’t work in any other edition

This addon adds lots of new items, mobs, weapons, food sources and artifacts. And here you’ll find the most mysterious mob available, but you’ll have to discover it yourself.

Everything this addon adds to the game: New items: 

Like Suricans and Ender Orb

New Mobs: 

Like Warthogs and Wild Ravagers

New Weapons: 

Like Emerald Sword and Pickaxe

New Food Sources: 

Like Cooked Chicken legs

Items, Mobs and Artifacts from minecraft dungeons: 

Like Common Sword and Emerald Armor


  1. You cannot use the code,
  2. Do not publish it anywhere without my permissions,

Thanks to Quentin, this addon is finished. Quentin created the textures of the armors and the texture of the common sword

My discord server:


Click the link to install the addon