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MC: Ultimate Survival Base [Creation]
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This map features a great survival base with multiple redstone creations which produce most necessities you need to be kept alive for a long time (such as food and other valuables). You could probably stay within the walls of the base for as long as you wanted or until some monsters found a way in and killed you, but even then you’d just respawn in the base so there wouldn’t be much harm done.

Creator: ariankhatabi80, Twitter Account

Here’s an overview of the main base. From here you can access an automatic farm, an automatic smelter and a portal which can take you to the top of the base.

The automatic farm is managed by the villagers who spend most of their days on the fields working hard.

The automatic smelter is very easy to use. Just make sure to fire it up with some fuel to keep it running.

Walk through the portal to go to the Nether but you will also have an option to access the sky base from there.

At the sky base you will find a couple of other redstone creations. One of them is an automatic sorting machine.

Another useful creation is the automatic mob farm. Mobs will spawn in the sky and then fall down and die. The hoppers will collect the loot and store it in chests.

There are a few more things to explore but that I will let you do by yourself in-game!

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