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MC: TNT Spleef
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This is a classic spleef map that has up to three layers and 5 different power ups for you too choose from. You can configure the settings for it too be day/ night, the amount of layers (1,2 or 3) and whether tile drops are on or off. You can play with your friends or practise on your own in the lobby with a mini spleef and jumps on varing distance.

I’ve spend a lot of time decorating the arena so it looks nice. The five different power ups are knock back sword, speed, flame bow, invisibility or ender pearls. I hope you download and enjoy this map!

This is the fancy lobby were you can play mini spleef or practice your jumps.Here are the 3 layers.Here are the power-ups, as you can see it is easy to select your options and power-ups (ender pearls, invisibility, flame bow, speed and knock back).


You can click the external link on the download button. both are .mcworld so it should be simple to download.