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MC: The Tower: Parkour [Parkour]
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The Tower: Parkour is a unique parkour map that uses a new experimental mechanic of limited lives. This new mechanic will challenge players and will make them think twice about jumping recklessly.

Creator: McMCPE1234, Twitter Account

The Levels

The map contains 18 levels or “floors” of parkour (more will be added soon), starting off easy and quickly becoming harder as you climb to the top floor. On your way, you will go through simple glass jumps, biome inspired obstacles, piston pushing jumps, block switching courses, fiery nether castles and blindly jumping to barrier blocks.

The “Lives” Mechanic

The experimental mechanic is simple yet diffucult to overcome in the map. At the start, you are given 25 lives if you decide to do the “25 Lives Challenge” mode. For every 3 floors you complete, you are given 3 extra lives as a reward. If your lives reach 0, it’s game over for you and you must start all over. On the other hand, if you finish all 18 floors without losing all your lives, you win and officially finish the map. However, there is a mode for those players who just want to play the map without having the paranoia of dying. “Unlimited Lives” mode gives players 999 lives so that they can play and die as much as they want to.