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MC: The Rift (Command Block Boss Fight) [Minigame] [Redstone]
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The Rift is a custom made command block boss fight. The boss is basically a zombie, but unlike normal ones. This zombie is way stronger and can carry out multiple different attacks. Everything is powered by command blocks. It’s also programmed to track your movement and carry out special passive attacks (see about section). This map uses no special addons. Everything is vanilla based. There are 4 difficulties. Each difficulty decides the power-up spawn rate and the type of kit that you receive.

Creator: BluFlyawayTwitter Account
Updated: 3 June, 2018 (read changelog)


A sudden radiation from a meteorite caused massive amounts of energy to radiate through a small town. This energy caused a tear in the time-space continuum causing a massive rift to open up. From this rift emerged a super mob. Not the normal everyday zombie but something much stronger.


Choose a difficulty and press the start button. You’ll receive a dragon head in your inventory. Drop the dragon head on the bedrock block at the altar in the middle of the arena near the cage-like structure.


The boss is programmed to track your movement. Movements like jumping, melee, shooting, etc can be tracked by the boss. He’ll release countermeasures corresponding to the type of activity that you do. He’s not very advanced at the moment as MCBE lacks a lot of commands.

Power-Ups / Drops

Powerups/Drops can randomly drop throughout the fight. They will aid you in battle.

  • Knockback stick: Once picked up, it lasts for 15 seconds. Knock back your foes to escape.
  • Nether sword:  It’s smite enchantment can help you in your battle. It lasts for 15 seconds after it’s picked up.
  • Other power-ups: There are 5 other power-ups which are self explanatory

Boss Features

  • Health: 300
  • Armor: Tough
  • Damage: Variable
  • Attacks: The boss has 4 special attacks that has a 4/5 chance of carrying out one every 1.5 minutes. Each of these attacks can deal a lot of damage if not stopped. The boss is also invulnerable during this attack stage.
  • Mystic Fang: The boss climbs up on top of the pedestal to summon his 2 mystic fangs. Each of these deal 3 hearts and passes through armor.
  • Prevention: Use your environment to parkour your way up to the slime blocks (they give you levitation). Climb under him and destroy the obsidian block under him to stop his attacks.
  • Lightning: This attack will summon a lightning bolt down on you.
  • Prevention: Press the stone button on the pedestal on the right of the arena
  • SnowBomb: The boss will throw an exploding snowball at you.
  • Prevention: Stop him by destroying the ender crystals that appear on either side of the arena.
  • The Rising: He’ll summon his minions if not stopped.
  • Prevention: Press both buttons on the pedestals on either side of the arena.
  • Passive Attacks:
  • Fireball: He’ll randomly throw fireballs at you. Stop those fireballs by hiding behind an obstacle.
  • Potion Thief: He’ll sometimes steal your splash potions to splash himself.
  • Buff up: Melee too much and he’ll start getting stronger and faster.
  • Repulsion: Shoot too much and he’ll start deflecting your arrows right back at you.


  • Gamemode: Adventure
  • Read all texts first
  • Max 2 players can play at the same time
  • Choose a difficulty before starting
  • Turn down render distance in case it lags
  • Don’t forget to pick up your kits from the chest when you start

Note from the creator: This is to show the people a glimpse of the stuff that is possible with commands in bedrock, even though it lacks a lot of commands. Hopefully a creation like this can inspire other creators. Please read all the information that is available in the map.


  • Pufferfish Party: If you melee too much he’ll release a pack of pufferfish to haunt you.
  • The boss now holds a trident (slight damage increase)
  • Fixed the bug where it says “You Win” when you clearly lost
  • Bows now added to the insane kit
  • Pedestals are marked by cobblestone walls with wooden fences on top
  • Now it’s easier to access the slime blocks
  • Other minor changes