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MC: The Legendary Monument
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Explore a huge world, fight in complicated battles, live an adventure from 1 to 4 players, defeat the challenges and complete the monument, get money and items to be stronger, prepare for the worst

Bedrock edition – 1.16.100 to up 

map constructed and made by funky467



The town was cursed and enslaved and the only way to free it is by completing the monument so you start your adventure, you arrive at a magical place where you are alone, full of evil around you and beautiful structures.

You start your adventure and you investigate beautiful landscapes, you fight against different enemies while you get stronger, you explore houses, ships and different islands, you fight against bosses, you face the worst, will you achieve it?

Every time you pass a part of the world you get a crystal and you are closer to releasing the curse, you will go through unimaginable challenges, if you play with friends you will have a great time

Welcome to the best bedrock Minecraft map of all history, I hope you can complete your adventure and have the best time.

cool, no?