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MC: The Great Artesian Highway
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Ever wanted to walk a highway in Minecraft admiring the stunning landscape and reminiscing on simpler times? Well in The Great Artesian Highway, you can! 

This is a totally unique idea for which you have never seen before. You can expect this map to have the charm and intrigue of other adventure maps.

In this map you will go a huge bridge over an ocean which is over 1000 blocks long. With realistic pillars keeping the bridge up. The feeling of being surrounded by water is surreal, and besides, you are not surrounded by water all the time in Minecraft.

Isn’t this image absurd? A forest not only in the nether but on an island in a lava lake! 

This is one of my favourite things about this map. It’s absurd, but its Minecraft. Anything is possible in this game which is great.

Another amazing thing about this map is the diversity of terrain, from mountains to oceans, forests to the nether. You can also see how many tunnels there are (over 3).

This map is beautifully crafted and amazingly simplistic. The views are amazing and It gives you time to appreciate something we have all taken for granted for 10 years. 

If you decide to post yourself playing this on a content sharing website (like Youtube) please mention me DarthGarth83.