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MC: Super Weak Hands Addon
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No longer will you need to worry about people randomly punching each other!

Thanks to the Super Weak Hands addon, people without any tool or weapon will no longer be able to inflict damage on other players, mobs, minecarts, or armor stands.

Why is this useful? Well, thanks to this addon, you can now keep people and other entities in the same space, without giving them weakness, or disabling PVP! Just make sure they don’t have access to a weapon.

This can also be used to bottleneck people without a weapon, no longer will you have fistfights all over the place in your Prisons worlds, or whatever else you may be using! This can also be used to make people with weapons a whole lot stron

Just wait, there is more to this addon!

As listed earlier, you can use this for servers, peaceful worlds, or just as a funny wait to confuse people! However, an even greater part about this addon is it does not actually affect someone’s strength level, meaning we are not giving them secret weakness or strength, meaning that PvP games are untouched by this addon! To conclude, this addon also does not affect non-player entities, meaning a bare-handed zombie still attacks as a normal one would! Phew!

Some things this can be used for…

  • Prevent players from attacking each other when they join your world
  • Create peaceful worlds without disabling friendly fire
  • Making bow games, or other ranged games
  • Creating safe zones by banning weapons
  • Creating starting areas that are safe
  • Making safer UHCS
  • Protecting in hub mobs from being hit
  • Making people who just respawned unable to attack
  • Denying hacks from just joining the world and immediately attacking


Here's how to download this add-on.

First, press the "Super Weak Hand Download" or "Super Weak Hand Download (Zip)" Depending on which one you want.

You then be taken to Mediafire, which from there, either press FREE ACCESS or ACCESS WITH PREMIUM. Once you have pressed that, scroll up and complete the read article task. To do this, open the task, wait 10 seconds, and then close it. Then you can press the button below that will take you to the download page. Press the blue download button in the black box.

When you do this, make sure the file is a .mcworld, and press the open world / open file in the very bottom corner. This will import it into your behavior pack files. Enter a world, and activate by going to packs, then behavior packs- and then Weak Hands add-on. Make sure to do this before entering the world, and make sure to press the activate button.