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MC: Sunrise Shader v1.1 (Android/iOS)
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Sunrise shader a pack of resources that will change the Minecraft experience to the maximum with its incredible, realistic graphics and the best thing about this shader is its performance that you can run on low-resource phones 1GB ram – 2GB ram. Only compatible for (android / ¡OS).


– Day and night:

– Lighting and shadows

– Water and its depths

– Reflection of the Sun and the Sunset


– Crimson forest

– Warped Forest

– Basalt biome

– Valleys of souls

Features to have this shader:

1- The most important is its performance for low resource phones

2- Incredible shadows, illumination and its waters 

3- Reflection of the sun in the water at sunset 

4- Beautiful vanilla-style skies without any performance lag  

5- The generic movement of plants  

6- The lighting under water is blue similar to RTX: Ray tracing  

7- The Nether is enlightened. It is not dark you can see it easily


Because it is not the video so that I know more about this shader, also when you see this video, you would help me:


– KK 3310 Tutorials:

– The Alexander:

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