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This Texture pack to put it simply replaces all diamond items from weapons and armour, all the way to the simple enchantment table. This is for those that want a more realistic looking armour set rather than a bright blue player and items.

The items changed are:

Diamond_hoe = Steel hoe
Horse_armour_diamond = Steel horse armour
Diamond_sword = Steel sword
Diamond_axe = Steel axe
Diamond_pickaxe = Steel pickaxe
Diamond_shovel = Steel shovel
Enchantment table = (has steel corners)
Diamond_block = Block of steel
Diamond_ore = Steel ore
Reference Images:

This is the items in game comparing normal vs edited textures. The armour / tools have been edited for a less blue and sleek look

This is a comparison between the horse armour textures and how the model for each has been tweaked. It looks different to diamond as shown

The items have also been named in creative and in survival appropriately so it won’t appear as diamond gear.

I have also added a small Easter egg of my 4D shield texture to match my withered skin… enjoy


open mcpack link and download

open mcpack file with minecraft selected and enjoy

Zip file is for xbox one installation