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MC: Space Update Minecraft Bedrock V1
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This Galacticraft Minecraft Bedrock adds an entirely new dimension, the moon. you can now explore the moon in your very own Minecraft world by just installing this addon! in this addon is a new dungeon, diamonds that spawn on the moon, and a rocket to get back home.

To go to the moon place down a poppy and walk into it, it will take you to the moon

The moon will have a quite bumpy surface, with a rocket in the middle. this is V1 of this addon so there won’t be much but in the future, I will add more things.

on the moon’s surface, there are diamonds scattered around to collect and use to help you overcome the dungeon on the moon!

THE SPIDER CAVE is the hardest thing to overcome unless you come prepared. on the moon there will be a hole, enter that hole and you will find yourself inside THE SPIDER CAVE…    inside the will be cobwebs all around making it very difficult to move while you get bombarded by spiders and skeletons!


There is a tree there when you spawn in that I will get rid of in V2.

Lastly, to get back to earth step into the dandelion inside the rocket and it will take you back to your spawn point.


Click the download button, once it's downloaded click the file and it will open Minecraft and start importing the addon.

This addon works on all bedrock edition platforms of Minecraft