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MC: SOS Stranded Ocean [Survival]
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In this map you will play as one of the survivors of a plane crash. The plane crashed down in the ocean but luckily a little further ahead an island appears before your eyes.

As you progress in the map you will find mysterious things such as a deserted village which you will have to scavage for food. It’s no end goal but instead more of a freeroaming map where you set your own goals and try to survive as best you can.

Creator: Ronnie508

screenshot-2015-05-25-11-45 screenshot-2015-05-25-11-43


You’ve just waken up and soon you realize that your airplane has crashed out in the ocean, you don’t really know where you are. A bit further a way you can see an island, a deserted island it appears. As you struggle around on the airplane you look for other survivors, but can’t find anyone (unless you play it with a friend!).


  • Read the signs
  • Don’t break blocks unless told so