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Hello! This is Gravel Cascade, a game in which you try to get to the top of the map while gravel constantly falls on you. And your only tools are infinite dirt and alot of snowballs to knock any opponents away.

This is a survival type mini game in which you try to get to the top of the map (100 blocks) while infinite gravel is dropping on top of you, all you have is infinite dirt and limited snowballs. I made this game entirely on xbox and it took quite a bit of time, but im proud of it. Gravel cascade kinda forces you to try and trick or cheese the system in a way to where you can quickly or efficiently make your way to the top, and this game can get pretty long if youre not good at parkour, block clutches and block spaming, because theres alot of that! Oh and i reccomend playing with friends to not only make the game longer but to have more fun.

The lobby has a start button, a spectating lobby and instructions to play. (The instructions arent complicated)

Each wool represents 25 blocks up, and green is the finish line. Oncw you get to the finish line you get tped to spawn and it cleans up the arena for you. And if youre in multiplayer other players can see the amount of wins you have above your head.

The map is pretty tall so good luck on climbing up 100 blocks while crushed stone falls on top of you


Warning, this game could lag alot on low end devices due to the amount of stuff. So download at your own risk if youre on low end devices