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MC: Slender: Minecraft Edition (Horror!) [Minigame]
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This is a horror minigame which takes place in an abandoned forest park where a mysterious being named Slender lives and lurks. You were dared by your friends to go there, but you also went to revisit what was basically your entire childhood. The objective is to collect all 8 pages and escape before Slender can kill you. This map is based off the popular creepypasta named Slender, who is a mysterious blank faced being who lured children into the woods and kidnaps them.

Creator: Captainfour4 (Map Maker), Twitter Account
Credits: SlenderMan Addon by TheEnderFace
Updated: 13 August, 2018 (read changelog)


This park was your entire childhood. You played, lived, and basically did everything there. To hear that it’s now completely abandoned and somewhat in ruins saddens you, but then your friends tell you that there’s also a mysterious white figure that lurks there. Rumor has it that it kidnaps anyone who dares come near the forest. Obviously, it’s just a rumor, and nothing more. However, my friends dared you to go there, if it’s just a rumor. You accepted because you wanted to prove them wrong, but also to see what your childhood has become. You drive up to the now broken gate of the forest, and it starts drizzling with lots of thunder, and memories start to rush in. You must now face your childhood, and whatever lurks in the forest…

How to play?

Once you enter the forest, you are given 3 instant health potions and 10 pig spawn eggs. (They can be used to simulate running.) You must search the entire forest for 8 pages, and avoid Slender while doing so. (You must click the button next to the page.) Once you find all 8 pages, an escape route will be unlocked, but you must find it quickly, before Slender gets to you.

Each page increases Slender’s chance of teleporting directly to you and inflicting the wither effect on you. (No pages: 0/8 chance. 1 Page: 1/8 chance. 2 Pages: 2/8 chance, etc…) If Slender doesn’t choose to teleport directly to you, he will instead teleport to a series of locations. Just make sure to hide if you hear a zip close by. Whenever you hear fiery breathing, that means Slender has teleported to a new location.

Creator’s Note: This Map does not use any behavior/resource packs excluding the SlenderMan Add-On, meaning that if you do use any other resource packs, make sure to put the SlenderMan behavior/resource pack above your own!


  • Fixed Slender not spawning