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MC: Skypiea [Adventure] [Parkour]
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This map doesn’t have a said route and that’s the only way you can go. Instead you should look at Skypiea as a freeroaming adventure where you can go pretty much all over the place. Use common sense and don’t go berserk destrying things here and there because a lot of time have been put in place to make sure places work well and don’t glitch.

The map is wholly based in the sky with maps, parkour and lots of fun adventures which will be brought upon you throughout the map.


  • Cobblestone generator
  • Sky village
  • Mushroom towers
  • Secret spawners
  • The Skypiea Tower (go here to find the map quests! There are easy, normal and hard quests as well as some side quests for the really elite ones.)
  • Nether reactor zone
  • Emerald maze
  • Heaven with floating islands connected by (walkable) rainbows
  • Golden parkour zone
  • Feather shop (zombies drop feathers)
  • Gunpowder shop (creepers drop gunpowder)
  • The Pyramid and Zeus Temple (found in heaven)
  • Creeper grinder
  • The Giant Herobrine (a final boss! If you beat him, you complete the map!)

Creator: Yoshiyuoka

The island which you start on.

Zeus’ Temple

The Village:

The Skypiea Tower

The Giant Herobrine:

Entrance to the Herobrine boss:

Explanation of the Quests System:
At every quest you find in the map there are signs explaining what you have got to do. Lets look at the example quest below. It says you have to collect 8 Charcoals to get the 3 Iron Ingots in the chest. When you have gathered the sufficient amount you can go to the turn in quest to put in your Charcoals.

Break the proceed sign and then collect your 3 Iron Ingots from the reward chest.