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MC: Sky Runner (Modded Map) [Parkour]
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Sky Runner is a modded parkour map with a total of eight levels (start level included). While testing the map we found that the emerald block included a special jumping effect, but other than that we didn’t discover any other modified blocks. It includes several features which make the gameplay move on more smoothly, such as teleportation upon entering a new level and sometimes automatically added potion effects but other than that you shouldn’t expect much else.

Either way, it’s a pretty cool map which shows the extra capability a map gets when it uses mods.

Creator: robalb, Website

How does it work?

Make sure you have installed the skyMod.js before entering the map.

The first level in the map is probably the funniest as it includes some special effects and some extra difficulty to the level. Completing this level will get you to the lobby from where you can access all remaining 7 levels.


Tap on one of the colored blocks in the lobby to access that level. Type /help to get help changing the weather and access other helpful information. If you are experiencing any bugs type /respawn or restart BlockLauncher completely.

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