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Do you want Sculk early? Do you want it to be useful? Well, this addon is for you. This adds loads of Sculk items and mobs! One of the items is insane…


Sculk Ore – This looks the same as the Sculk in 1.17 but it has a different use. It is the rarest ore with only a 0.2% chance of spawning in your survival world! If you are lucky enough to find it in y coordinates 0-25, then you are lucky. The veins can have up to 64 Sculk!


Sculk Cake – This food has a 95% chance of giving you Strength 15, Resistance 15 and Blindness. It makes you feel like you are a Warden in a cave! You cannot obtain this in survival right now. Make sure you are in creative for the best experience!


Sculk Dust/Ingot – The Sculk Dust is dropped by Sculk Ore and can craft a Sculk Ingot. (9 Sculk Dust make an ingot) The Sculk Ingot is a useful item as it can craft a Sculk Sword! This looks similar to Sugar and Redstone but don’t get it muddled up. It is one of the rarest items in this addon.

Sculk Sword – The Sculk Sword deals 12 attack damage to any entity! It can be crafted with 1 Stick and 2 Sculk Ingots. It can kill a Ravager in 8 shots! This is good for defending yourself against hostile mobs. It does more attack damage to Sculk mobs. (+2 attack damage)

Sensor – That’s right! You can hold sound in your hands now! This only has one use though, it can craft a Sensor Teleporter. This item is insane and it’ll be even better when you try it out in-game. This cannot be crafted in survival so be in creative for this one!

Sensor Teleporter – This is an illusion. It looks like a block but it isn’t. It can teleport you infinitely! It can stack up to 64 unlike Ender Pearls so they are better! This is very useful for getting away from hostile mobs. It doesn’t deal any damage when you teleport so you could say this is OP.


Sculk Slime – It looks like a Sculk Chute block but somehow it isn’t a block! This mob shoots Wither Skulls, killing itself in the process. They drop Sculk blocks and are the only way to obtain them in Survival Mode. (well, you can mine them with Silk Touch!) It has not got a lot of health so use your Sculk Sword to kill it faster!

Sculk Creeper – The Sculk Creepers explode if you go near them so good luck getting the Sculk Dust as they drop 2 of that! They look like the Warden, who is going to be in 1.17! When it explodes, it doesn’t deal that much damage so hunt them down if you can!

Hopefully you enjoy this addon! If you do, how about finding out more? Here is the Mod Showcase of this addon so that you know everything about it!

(Note: This only works on Android.)


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