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MC: Ruby, Sapphire and Iridium Add-on v1.1 (+1.13)
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Tired of playing Minecraft and always seeing the same ores and weapons? Well, here I bring you the solution.

This mod includes the ruby, sapphire and iridium ores (ahem Stardew Valley, ahem) along with their crafting (swords, blocks, apples, …) and some legendary swords. 

Currently the mod is in development and in the next updates I plan to add more legendary swords along with other things that come to mind but I accept suggestions!  

It supports multiplayer/realms since at the moment I haven’t wanted to include any effect in the mod.

Without talking too much, let’s go with the review of the mod:

To start, I leave here all the functions that allow you to get any of the things included in this mod (except the obsidian stick and the Notch apple).

/function apples

/function armor

/function blocks

/function ingots

/function ores

/function swords

Ores and obtain:

All minerals can be obtained naturally by underground mining or even in chests and exploring dungeons.

This is the frequency of appearance of the minerals and in the layers that can appear:

RubyRare, Can be found between layer 40 and 0.

Zafiro: Rare, Can be found between layer 40 and 0.

Iridium: Very Rare, Can be found between layer 20 and 0. May release 1 to 3 iridium pieces.

All the iridium-related crafting so far requires iridium ingots and, as in Stardew Valley, they can be obtained in this way:


Currently these are the swords included in the mod:

Ruby Sword: Deals 8 damage and has 400 uses.

Sapphire Sword: Deals 8 damage and has 400 uses.

Iridium Sword: Deals 12 damage and has 1750 uses.


Due to the restrictions that Minecraft imposes I have decided to add the iridium armor replacing the chain armor, here the craftings:


I have decided to include enchanted apples with each of the ores that are included in the mod and each apple has its respective effects:

Ruby Apple efects:

Fire Resistance V – 5min

Strength II – 3min

Resistance III – 3min

Sapphire Apple efects:

Water Breathing V – 5min

Haste II – 3min

Speed III – 3min

Iridium Apple efects:

Night Vision – 5min

Levitation – 45sec

Slow Falling II – 1’15min

Health Boost V – 5min

Jump Boost V – 3min 

Legendary Swords:

Excalibur“: Deals 18 damage and has 2500 uses.

I had planned to add some effects to the sword but at the moment I haven’t added it to make it compatible with the multiplayer/realms modes, leave suggestions!

To make the sword requires an obidian stick, here the craftings:


“Ascalon” (DragonKiller Sword): Deals 15 damage and has 2000 uses.

Other craftings:

Over here I leave you the crafting of the ruby, sapphire and iridium blocks as well as the block to ores conversion:


Finally, I decided to add the crafting of the Notch apple back to Minecraft since I consider that it’s quite necessary for the game:


1. Download the .McAddon or the Behavior and Resource packs

2. Install the pack to your game

3. Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings 

4. Have fun!

It is possible that if you apply the mod in some previously created world you must explore new areas for the ores to appear.