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More Burnables (aka Project EMS-MB) is a sub addon for another addon im making, it includes blocks useful for decoration and redstone, some of them being dangerous to use on survival,

More Burnables is a sub add fron Project EMS, i will be dividing EMS into addons

this addon adds 4 new blocks with different functions like:


This block can be used in general for decorations, it has an 100% chance of catching fire and a 1% chance of burning completely, it can be used to build houses that look like they’re made out of (wet) wood with a small chance of them burning down

Gunpowder Block

this block is made out of gunpowder, it has an 100% probability of catching fire and burning, making it good for one time redstone machines

Hot Iron Block

this block can be obtained by heating up an iron block on a furnace, this block can damage playes that step on to of this block (because its warm) dealing 1/2 a heart of damage

Overheated Iron Block

this block can be obtained by heating up a hot iron block on a furnace, this block, like the past one, deals damage when you step on top, dealing 1 1/2 hearts of damage, if you try to interact with this block while holding no items the block will blow up as its so hot its unstable