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This Addon adds a ore that mojang was planing to add but didn’t and that’s the ruby ore this ore spawns in mountains biomes with the emerald and its rarer then emerald so that’s basically what this addon adds to the game a new ore and remember to follow me on twitter @razorwolf19 and subscribe to my channel called razor Wolf 2

– Ruby Ore Block

This is the ruby ore it’s rarest ore in the mountains and it’s very hard to find and when you mined it will drop a ruby and it also animates to a you can see it if animate in the my showcase video.

– Ruby Block

This is the ruby block you can craft it when you have nine pieces of ruby and when you mine it you get the block back.

– sword– axe– pickaxe

– shovel

this is the tools that you can make out of the ruby and they don’t glow and the sword and the axes durability is 251 and the damage is 5 to 4 damage.

This is the showcase video for the addon so if you want to see all the stuff in game you can so yeah and when you look at the video Remember to subscribe and like and comment and share on my channel and put post notifications on so you can get updates when I post another video and follow  me on twitter @razorwolf19 and follow me on Twitch Razor Wolf.– Ruby Generation 3– Ruby Generation 2– Ruby Generation 1

As you can see that the ruby ore is randomly generating in the world so you can find it in the world also is very rare so usually I only find one but 2 and 3 is rare also they don’t spawn anywhere in the world.

also if you have any problems with the addon let me know I will try to fix alright so follow me on twitter @razorwolf19 and subscribe to my YouTube channel razor Wolf 2 and follow me on twitch Razor Wolf.