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Ever wanted a more blocky and retro feel to the Minecraft healthbars? well, look no further. The PTX Retro HUD modifies health, hunger and armor bars such that they are replaced by more blocky, square bars. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below!

An example of the changes made to the HUD Bars.

An example of the Absorption and Hunger effect on iOS.

Wither effect on the hearts.

NEW Fixed mount hearts and XP bar shown.

Note: This is my first texture pack here so apologies if theres some error. 

Another thing is, this is available to use with other packs as it doesn’t interfere with textures outside the GUI.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: For iOS users, if you download the file and it says unknown pack name, just download Documents by Readdle and open it from there. If you guys need more help with this just let me know in comments.