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MC: Patient 666 (Horror) [Adventure]
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This horror map is about you (James) waking up on a hospital that was abandoned 6 years ago and its up to you to escape the hospital BUT you dont know that something was haunting the hospital and that was the reason you woke up there. I recommend playing this map alone at night to make it more scarier but you can invite your friends if you want.

Here are some screenshots of the map:

That is enough spoilers for now….

This map took me 2 weeks and a few days to make so i hope you all like it. This horror map was inspired by Piekabee’s map called Hospital 2 so thanks to him! If you want to use one of my textures you have to atleast credit me. You might need a stronger device to make the map work correctly. HI FROM THE PHILIPPINES! 🇵🇭

Credits to Hybred for the stepping and eating sounds!


How to install this map to your game:

1. Open the file and it will open your mcpe/be

2. It will start to import the world

3. After importing open the world

4. Enjoy :)