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Hi! Welcome to NUVILE PVP World/map ,this map is used for PVP battles such as 1v1’s and 2v2’s which are recommended play usage. But you can do whatever you want. There are small logs in the middle of the river that can be used to cross so you dont have to swim across the river but there is more information in the description. There are also trees and barrier blocks used so players cannot exit the map (its just a regular flat world) This map was made by me by myself using regular Minecraft bedrock so enjoy! Also the shaders in these screenshots are not by me (the name of the shaders are called zebra shaders) and not included

This PVP arena/map is used for a usual 1v1 or even 2v2! This map contains a small mountain range with a river in the middle to separate the players in the PVP match, this map also includes a small caver with a campfire.This map is also surrounded by barrier blocks so no players can exit the map. And some small details include that there is a small hut with a crafting table and anvil.Another small detail is that there is a few logs and a rock in the middle of the river so players can use is it as a “bridge” 


I recommend using documents readdle to open the files and transfer back to the resource pack file in minecraft->games->mojang->resource packs